FarmTribe Wiki

The Arena of Keepers will be available at level 15. The Arena is a contest among players and takes every time for 6 days. After these 6 days a new Season (contest) is starting. You can compete with other players in the game and show them your skills.

Every day you have 8 rounds. Every round gives you a certain time to fulfill the


orders you are ask for. You have the possibility to delete an order, but instead you have to wait 20 minutes to get a new order. For every order you fulfill you wil get coins and XP.. For every round you fulfill you get Bubbles and a reward. The bubbles wil determine your ranking place. After you have done a round, the next round will start right away. Don't you manage to fulfill a round, after the time runs out, you get the possibility to do the round again.

After the Sesason (contest) is over you will get your reward. Your reward can be coins, XP and even diamonds. Then a new season wil start again.


You also have the possibility to help other players out with their orders. When you go to the ranking list, you will see every player in your contest and when you click at the magnifying glass and you will go to the farm of that player. Click at their Arena and look if they need help. If so, and you have the products, you also earn bubbles.