FarmTribe Wiki

You can quickly sell production surplus for good money.You can sell prepared food and finished goods on the market. You can set the price, but at first, you should examine the prices on the bulletin board – if your price is too high, you may lose potential customers.

How can I change the price in the kiosk?


Before sending goods to the market, you can use the + and - buttons to select how many products you want to sell (up to 10 for one sales space) and at what price your products will be sold. After placing goods on the market, you can not change the price.

How can I cancel the sale of goods in a kiosk?


Goods sent to the sales kiosk can not be "removed from sale." If you urgently need a free place - it is possible to throw out one of the sold goods, for this you need to select it and click on the button with the image of the trash.

What does it mean to "advertise a product" in a sales kiosk?


Goods with such a mark will be displayed on the bulletin board from other players. The duration of advertising is limited to three hours.